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Hair Trends

Encourage your natural texture in Autumn

Autumn trends are pushing towards several different avenues. However, all combine one key theme; the texture of your hair. Whether your hair is crazy curly, smooth, frizzy, straight and everything in between, autumn has a solution for you. We are seeing a lot of influences from the past, mainly 20’s and 60’s styles. Twists on old classics are always great fun, allowing for care (trialling new products!) and creativity (creating a new look that sits exactly how you like it) with your hair. Blow dries are the demand for this season. Not only is it a great tool for relaxing, it helps with the chill in the air.

Smooth Move

This season we want to see gorgeous barrel curls and swept back buns. The thing that ties these together? Smooth hair. Lacking frizz and damage. How is this possible? We have loads of great products to help with this, including a whole range of smooth products to help you out. Barrel curls are simply large, controlled curls. Swept back buns just require brushing your hair neatly into place and tying up.  

(Image from Pinterest)

Modest Mess

We now have the opposite of smooth. (buying the products required may not be in your radar) The next best thing is embracing what you got, and rocking something a little more casual. This trend calls for a severe middle parting, hair tucked behind the ears. Or another option, messy buns with hair falling out. To make this a bit more work or occasion friendly, add some vibrant or elegant accessories. Or make your outfit a little more smart to carry the style. Add a blazer and wear more jewellery.

(Image from Pinterest)

Grungy Updos

It isn't as scary as you think. You don’t have to associate grunge with teenagers. These styles require twists and plaits, little bit of back combing here and there, or even better, rolling out of bed hair. But that doesn't mean they are any less sophisticated. Many stars have walked down the red carpet with a similar concept. You can certainly then use these styles for work or going out for an evening. Again dress it up if you are worried.

(Image from Pinterest)

Finger Waves & Bouffant Babes

The 20’s and the 60’s are inspiring us yet again, and we love it! Finger waves and beehives are back. How is it different from before? Beehives are smaller and finger waves are just limited to the fringe it seems. We don’t want extra damage to the hair for Autumn. We have some products to help you achieve these styles to limit damage to the hair. However, if not, care for your hair with a conditioning treatment or hair mask.  

(Image from Pinterest)

20’s Curl

Following on from the ladies trends, men seem to be headed the same way for Autumn. Using your natural texture and enhancing it, is a must. Great if you have naturally curly hair. This style embraces the 20’s finger curls we know and love. Quite easy to complete. When your hair is wet, use either crocodile clips or bobby pins and clip them into your fringe leaving space between each clip. Then just let it dry!

(Images from Pinterest)

Slicked Back

Last season we had a more casual approach to hair. Mainly because having styling product in your hair when its ridiculously hot, is not fun. With the colder weather, we can have more of a formal style. Slicked back hair is the order of the season. For straight hair this is very easy. With slightly curlier hair a more relaxed slick back look (as you see on the left) is also fashion forward. Whatever your natural texture is, just embrace and enhance!

(Image from Pinterest)