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Before we re - opened we did some research into what people thought made a good hair salon. There were many factors that seemed to come out of the exercise. Price, quality, time and customer satisfaction. We therefore based the structure of our salon on exactly what you, our potential clients wanted. Let me explain…

Price was the main item that presented itself to us. If the price wasn’t manageable there would be little to no chance someone would use our salon. Every penny does count to lots of people and just because we are offering the service it doesn't mean we do not know how that feels.  We therefore evaluated our price list and put ourselves in the shoes of our clientele. The team decided to create offers and discounts that will continue throughout the year, and to include some that will make a surprise visit just because we want happiness for our customers. The price list itself is competitive with other hair salons not only in Selsey, but throughout West Sussex.

Quality was explained to be about the products used in the salon and the service provided while with us. Many informed us about horror stories with their hair due to substandard products. This is something that we have never faltered on. Your hair is just as important to us, as it is to you. We want it healthy and you happy so we have repeat customers and a great name for ourselves, it is that simple. Our colours, shampoos, conditioners, hair care treatments, perms, hairdryers, heated brushes, tongs and straighteners have all been tested on ourselves and in our other salon before use on you all. With this we have decided which we are willing to keep and which we have not. As for our service, only you can tell through visiting us. But we would like to see you comfortable and well looked after at all times.

Many people said that the time salons opened were inconvenient and unobtainable to get to. Especially to people who work full time. This is difficult for a hair salon to get right. Purely because we have to have the traffic to open efficiently. Our hours will change as staff numbers grow and customers want to see us more and more. Also requests can be made for an appointment after hours and we will see what we can do!

Finally, customer satisfaction. As mentioned before we want you to come back, and so all of the other factors we hope lead to happiness when having your hair completed at Snip It. We try to gain proof of our success through reviews, likes, comments and shares on our Facebook page. If you are interested to know what people think about us already go and check it out. (Click the icon in the footer.)

The shop itself has been a salon for over 40 years and we plan to keep it that way for a lot longer. It seems to work not only for our customers and the surrounding residents, but for the businesses around East Beach as well. The owner born and raised in Selsey knows that it is important to grow and advance the community by keeping the exchange of business local. She also worked in this exact salon as a teenager 25 years ago.

Our salon has a friendly, welcoming attitude. Kelly our head hair stylist is a kind, easy to talk to person. All the refreshments you may want during your time with us are available. Including possibly some of Kelly’s home bakes for a try! Give us a call and book an appointment., Or come and visit. We can try and fit you in, or book you in for a later date.

We hope you enjoy your time with us, see you soon!  

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